Meet Pacéon

Are you ashy? Do you want to be?  No worries, I've got something for that ash! I am Pacéon (pronounced Pay-see-on),  founder and CEO Pacéon Plush Body Care, LLC.  In 2009 I started soapmaking as a hobby. After purchasing handmade soap in an effort to alleviate dry skin, I was disappointed to find it made my skin feel worse.  I began to research soapmaking which led me to discover that the soap I had purchased was not made with quality ingredients and the merchant was capitalizing on consumers' desire for natural and handmade products.  It dawned on me that if she could make soap, then maybe I could too.  I set out on a quest to solve my own problem. That quest reignited my love of chemistry and developed into a  passion for making all sorts of skincare formulas.  After months of research and trial and error, I figured out a formula that helped my issue and began making other formulas to help my  loved ones with their skin issues. 

I founded Pacéon Plush Body Care to  offer high quality, practical skin care at  affordable prices. With the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I made the leap to live in my gifts and have transformed my passion into my purpose. Pacéon is not just a brand, it's a whole vibe.  As a brand we are dedicated to skincare that adds value to our customers' lives.  The majority of our products are vegan friendly, and all are paraben, phalate, and cruelty free. We make every effort to source sustainably, responsibly produced ingredients. 

I am continuously learning and growing as a creator and entrepreneur, and I am committed to constantly improving and making a positive impact on people and the planet. As the founder of this company, I am committed to prioritizing customer concerns and feedback. I strive to accommodate an array of customer needs and preferences.  I deeply appreciate all current and future customers. Your continued support is gratifying and humbling. I am exited to provide you with products you'll love. You deserve nice things!